How Dustin Dwyer Likes To Talk to People

In late August, a pipe developed a leak on Mr. Dwyer’s property.  This is the way he communicated with his tenants.

First, he turned off the water, well he thought he did, and told us to leave that day.  My housemate requested a 30 day notice.  This is what he said.

Attached, please find the 30 Day Notice to Vacate that you requested. Due to the damage from the water line break, the lack of running water, and the increasing environment for mold growth, it is advised that you vacate immediately. The conditions that exist in your apartment are not fit for human habitability. I have been advised by the Town of Kirkland Code Dept, from your contact initiation, that they will condemn the apartment today if necessary. Since you have not made alternative living arrangements elsewhere, I believe that is the next step. Please reconsider-


What’s in it is as bad as what’s not in.  A week before, he had been paid $312.50.  He makes no reference to refunding that if we left that day.  I guess he was going to keep it.
But that’s not all.  He only turned off the hot water, not all the water.  This is what happens when you constantly do your own work and never hire licensed plumbers.  You might also notice the mold reference.  This is apparently magic mold that only goes into some apartments and not others.  Mr. Dwyer’s son leaves in another section of the building and was never asked to vacate.  This reference to mold should also trigger some NYSDEC protocols but Mr. Dwyer does not believe in those.
The Town of Kirkland never advised him that they would condemn the building.  This is literally two hours after the incident so who would have new living arrangements.
Next a number of texts started to appear on my friend’s phone over the next 48 hours.  I will not bore, or offend you with all of them.  I will provide you just a few of the highlights and you will get the idea.
I have sent the notice you requested.  Also, Kirkland Codes contacted me yesterday and after being made of the true situation, they are prepared to condemn the apt TODAY.  This means the County Health Dept, along with the codes dept, will certify the apt as uninhabitable, and you will be forced to move immediately by the proper authorities.  This is happening TODAY
County Health was never contacted at all.
We spoke yesterday.  The info that I gave you was from him.  I have a call into him this am, and I’m expecting a call back today to initiate what I was told yesterday.
I don’t care if you want to live like a pig, and now with no water.  However, the mold damage that is accumulating everyday is forcing me to act accordingly.  I’, asking you to leave asap, and if you don’t, I will continue to pursue the force of action to force you out before you or others are effected by the growing danger that is present.
Once again, the Codes guy never said those things, there was water, just not hot, and the magic mold makes another appearance.  I guess his son’s immune system is special.
There are numerous other texts with inappropriate language and continuous threats.  Do you want Mr. Dwyer to commit fraud on your behalf and treat them this way??  How about you??  How about a member of your team or your family??
By the way, if you read the upcoming letter to the Attorney General, you will find out Mr. Dwyer will commit actual crimes bordering on violence in order to achieve his goals.

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